DOBES Archive

the consultant talks about moose hunting and about some place names in the area; generally gets into story-telling mood; mostly in English.
This session is about hunting and camping vocabularies (e.g. marten, my trapline, camp site, fire place, bow and arrow). Little phrases are also elicited (e.g. I/they shot a beaver, I didn't shoot/kill a beaver, did you shoot a beaver?, I go for my traps, I walk across, I paddle on the river,I will set the house on fire). The consultant gives also the Beaver names for Fox Lake, Paddle Prairie, High Level, Peace River, Margret Lake, Caribou River, etc.). Some miscellaneous vocabulary.
Phrases with the adjectives "rough" and "stiff" are elicited (e.g. This man looks rough, the road used to be rough). Some other phrases like "I'm getting fat" or "he's getting smart" are elicited. Some difficult words are elicited at the beginning of the session.
Different forms of "to sit on something" are elicited.
wood, parts of a teepee
In this part of the workshop, the participants were asked to have a conversation or to tell a story. Here, speakers talk about different topics.
consultant talks about some more ethnonyms and placenames. He also tells a story about the war with the Slave (in English).
Many animal denotations of the area, also many land marks, and trees and berries elicited. Miscellaneous vocabulary.
Some placenames of the lakes and other places in the area. Some landmarks are also elicited.
consultant tells the Beaver and Porcupine Story in English, explains some of the vocabulary in Beaver (afterwards)
In this part of the workshop, the participants are asked to pronounce some Beaver words in order to get comparable data for further dialect analyses. Here: potato
paradigm of "to feed"
speaker talks about whatever, his wife cuts meat, general vocabulary
miscellaneous verb forms of "to bite" and "to mock".
some work on the verb for "to walk" (walking to and from places); together with some placenames, but mostly paradigmatic
frosty weather vocabulary (to melt, to thaw).
speaker talks about body parts and moose in general, some more vocabulary
Frogstory "Frog, where are you?"
miscellaneous vocabulary (lion, tiger, mountain goat, sheep, caribou, blind, tea dance, some verb forms of "to tie together" and "to burst", "to split", "to hit", "to cut", "to trade", etc.). The consultant also talks about Sarcee and Beaver.