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Lepdjom spatial relations 1
the game is built around 8 different teams of two persons each. The two persons sit opposite to one another. Nadine sets the animals toys according to a random order, in front of one of the team members. The second member then has to set the animals toys according to the description provided by the other member sitting opposite to them. The experience is renewed three to four times per team. Each member has their turn in both setting the animals and describing.
Lepdjom Lifestory 2
Mba reports an eye witness of how a Basaa man almost got killed by an elephant
traps typology Song Mahi
Gerôme is asked by Emmanuel to describe the different types of hunting techniques that he knows
Lepdjom spatial relations 2
The activity is built around an aniamal game and aims at eliciting spatial relations. There are eight groups of two people each sitting opposite to one another. One of the group members describes the way the animals as set, and the other group members is asked to reproduce the same animal disposition using his own toys.
palm wine collection 1 Song Mahi
the team of palm wine collectors is going to the bush
palm wine collection 2 Song Mahi
the session describes the process of getting palm wine daily from a fallen palm tree
Lepdjom Lifestory 4
Mba reports a life story of how him and his entire family almost got shot in the night by a hunter as they were sleeping in the jungle
free conversation 2 Song Mahi (video)
After vocabulary elicitation with Emmanuel and his assistant, a group of people from Lepdjom are having a break. They talk to each other
Lepdjom Lifestory 3
Minlar Paul alias Defombère tells a true story of how he almost shot someone during a night hunting in the jungle, and how he eventually abandonned hunting
Lepdjom Lifestory 1
Mba tells a true story about how he got severy wounded by a wild pig