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Length: 8:00 min The speaker talks about the last rainy season. She wanted to go to the country after her sons, so she gave the yucca field to her older sister to take care of it. The rain had flooded everything.
Length: 00:30:08:360 At the beginnig KH askes the speaker to pronounce some words, especially animal names. After a while the have a conversation on Movima about a story GCM had already told once, about how the church was "made"., Duración: 00:30:08:360 Al comienzo de la sesión KH pidió a la parlante pronunciar algunas ciertas palabras, especialmente nombres de animales. Después de un rato tienen una charla en Movima sobre una historia que GCM ya había contado una vez, sobre como se "hizo" la iglesia.
Length: 2:30 min The speaker tells about a problem that took place during the same day. The machetero dancers were angry at the women who sweep the church (among which is the speaker's sister), because they are not paid as much as the others. The priest decided that the six sweeping women, the abaresas, get one entire cow for themselves, while the others don't get anything.
Escape de la hija-GLOSS
Length: 00:03:20 The speaker talks about the past when she was living with her family in Peru (a small village nearby). One night the family went out and left the child sleeping in the house. When they came back the child was gone. A neighbour heard her and helped the little girl., Duración: 00:03:20 La parlante habla del pasado cuando ella y su familia vivían en Peru (un pueblito cercano). Una noche la familia salió y dejó el niño durmiendo en la casa. Al regreso el niño se había ido. Un vecino escuchó al niño y el ayudó.
Moto vieja
Length: 00:00:30 Speaker talks about an old motorbike that got repaired.
Length: 00:13:13:199 CCT speaks about the loss of traditional practices (including speaking the language) and explains her pottery.
Length: 6:00 min How speaker and her husband saw lots of anacondas once when hunting. They wanted to set traps for the wolves in the forest. In a fountain they came across an anaconda (sicurí). They killed it and it measured seven meters. Later they found even more anacondas. One of them attacked their dog., Duración: 00:06:00 Una vez la parlante y su esposo vieron muchas anacondas cuando se fueron a cazar. Querían poner lazos para los lobos en el bosque. En una fuente hallaron una anaconda (sicurí). La mataron y la midieron: tenía unos siete metros. Después hallaron más anacondas, una de esas atacó su perro.
Length: 00:24:27:000 Here the speaker continues the description about certain procedures she started the session before. She describes the procedure of making 'chivé' and also describes the fabrication of mats and vats., Duración: 00:24:27:000 La hablante sigue con los descripciones sobre ciertos procedimientos que ya había empezado en la sesión anterior. Describe la producción del chive y tambien describe la fabricaión de esteras y tinajas.
Length: 00:40 min Speaker tells KH how the other day she was surprised by a spider that fell out of her bag. While speaking, speaker stands up and acts the situation., Duración: 00:40 min La hablante le cuenta a KH como se sorprendió el otro día cuando una araña se cayó de su bolsa. Cuando habla, la parlanta está parada actuando la situación.
Gringas Dirinka II
Length: 3:10 As a child the speaker saw two SIL linguists who arrived at Apere Mato. The speaker describes how they arrived in a water plane in 1954.
Length: 4:10 min Speaker talks about her grandfather who couldn't read nor write but who was nonetheless a wealthy man. He had never attended school and had become a wealthy cattle-owner. His illiteracy was no disadvantage to him. The speaker's mother (the speaker's grandfather's daughter) wanted a pair of earrings, so her father sold one cow in order to buy them. And now the speaker has lost this pair of earrings and she will not put on other ones.
Length: 0:10 min Speaker talks about her daughter-in-law and how she had a discussion with her.
Length: 4:45 The speaker tells about giving birth to her first daughter while a parrot is watching and paying attention. When the baby is born the parrot starts to imitate the sounds (the mother's and the baby's cries) it heard during the birth.
Length: 00:05:20 The speaker talks about the typ of games she played with other children., Duración: 00:05:20 La parlante cuenta de los tipos de juegos que solía jugar con los demás niños cuando eran pequeños.
Length: 2:20 min About the speaker's son who has left in the morning to meet his family who has left with the ox the day before and waits for him.
Length: 00:47:40.128 As the women are mainly chatting among each other there is no specific topic.