Video file settings for MPEG4 files

According to LAMUS2 manual ( it seems that MPEG4 is among accepted video formats. When I do the export from Final Cut Pro X there is no hint track, and I understand this is necessary in order to stream the file. I have tried to add it with MP4Box, and everything seems to go fine, but I still get errors from the typechecker-1.8.6.jar, so it doesn’t really work.

In principle I could also upload the files in other format, for example MPEG2, but I have now very large number of MPEG4 files and ideally one could just run some command, add the hint track and upload those. The files I now plan to upload are video files associated to ELAN files in the corpus.

So what I’m asking is whether there are some example MPEG4 files somewhere that will certainly work, so I could look up their exact parameters, or if these parameters are listed somewhere already. I downloaded one MPEG4 file from the archive today, and even that didn’t go through, so is it possible that there is something wrong with the way things are defined for this fileformat?

Best wishes,

Niko Partanen

Hi Niko,
From the ELAN tools page, there is an encoding document available containing settings used to create MPEG2, MP4 and WAV files. These are the formats used with our archive, and the settings in the document match the settings we use at the institute.

Hopefully this will help you out.