Unable to save transcription file, access is denied


I am experiencing trouble with saving a .eaf file on ELAN. I am able to upload the file just fine but upon attempting to “Save As” I am given the error message, "Unable to save the transcription file: (Unable to save this file: C:\Program Files\ELAN_5.9\app\Transcripcion0.eaf(Access is denied)). This is my first time using ELAN and I would greatly appreciate any assistance you could give me so that I may successfully save my file. Thank you.


If you use “Save As” you should see a file browser window which allows you to navigate to the folder where you wish to save the file. Are you saying that you don’t get this “Save As” explorer window?

You might indeed not have permission to save a file somewhere within “C:\Program Files” (depending on the type of your account on the PC). Apart from that I think saving a data file inside the folder of the application should be discouraged; it is best to save your work in a separate folder that can be backed up easily and regularly.