Trova search issues (again/still)

Just a heads up that the Trova search issue that was raised in a February thread has returned (or persists). I’ve been doing substring searches (on the DOBES Baure data), and some searches work fine (e.g. ‘PRIV’ and ‘INTL’) but others hang at 0.10% (e.g. ‘NEG’). I’ve wondered if maybe the issue has to do with how many hits are returned, and if problems arise if there are too many hits. But in any case, I’m wondering if you’ve figured out a general work-around. I’d really like to be able to search on NEG :)!

I’m sorry that you are experiencing problems, but I’m afraid we cannot help. We have recently downsized a lot and there is currently nobody working here that could look into this problem and try to fix it.

I seem to recall, however, that the problem was related to the length of the search term and not to the (expected) number of results. Maybe that helps you to work around the problem somehow.

Thanks for your reply, and for the tip about search term length – I’ll see if I can use that somehow. And sorry to hear about the downsizing.