Tokenization-Preferred tier not showing up in list of destination tiers when tokenizing

Hi, Please i need help tokenizing annotation from a child tier to a parent (dependent) tier. When I select the child tier the name of the destination tier does not show. Kindly help me out. Is there a different method?

Dear Eunice,

Tokenisation always works from source tier (parent) to destination tier (can be direct child tier or any other independent tier).

Destination tier can be of :
* The destination tier is a direct child of the source and must be of type ( included-in, time-subdivision or symbolic-subdivision) ,
* or must be any root tier which is not a parent of the selected source.
Tokenise Tier

There is also Filter Tier option which works in a very similar way as tokenizer. The main difference is that filtering is meant for transfer of annotation information between tiers that are symbolic associations. There also the work flow is from source (parent) to destination (direct Child of parent)
Filter Tier

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Thank you very much Divya. I think it makes a lot of sense. Another question: I have a annotations on a child tier and i want to to get the same annotations on another parent tier which is below the child tier. Can i do that with the Filter you talked about or that is just not possible?

If you want to copy the same exact annotations to another tier, then you can use Tier → Copy Annotations From Tier to Tier.

In this dialog as the first step you select the tier from which you want to copy.
Second step you choose the destination tier. And in the third step if the tier to which you want to copy have annotations already and you just want to override them then you check the box which says "Allow existing annotations to be overwritten.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:


That was very helpful.
Thanks a lot Divya