Timeline transcription

I am ussing ELAN to transcrip video sequences for further analyse and would like to export my transcription with a “timeline” style. It means with the time spending horizontally and the different actors 's talks one under the other.
Is it possible to make this type of transcriptions with ELAN ?

Thank you for your answer

The idea sounds familiar but it can depend on many details how such export should look like.

In your version, is this a text based export? If so, how would the timeline look like? Should there be some kind of line wrapping, or should the output be as wide as the time line requires? Is it acceptable if part of the annotation text is cut off if it doesn’t fit in the designated area based on its duration?

This is probably another way of saying “no, such export does not exist”.

thank you for your reply.
I would like the timelime to look just like it look like in ELAN with the mode Annotation.
I have different type : speak, gesture, and else.
If it is not possible, If I make a text export, is it possible to differenciate the type by colors or police writting ? Or to have them on to different column, but following the order of apparition?
I would like to see the length of the gesture on the transcription.

I am maybe hopping too much but I try.
Thank you for your answer


A timeline that looks like in Annotation Mode but consists of just text is maybe not impossible, but is also not so easy. An approximation of such timeline will probably be part of a new export function in the next release (output format html).
You can try the currently available (text) export options, like tab delimited text, and see if there is anything useful in them for your purposes.