Tier set problem with macbook pro m1

I just switched laptops from a macbook air m1 to a mackbook pro m1. With my macbook pro, I can’t generate a tier set. I can to it with the same file with my macbook air. In the case of the pro, no tiers appear on the screen whether I use the currently opened file or Select files from browser. I have uploaded a screenshot from my macbook pro. Any help would be appreciated.
Jeff Higginbotham

Hello Jeff,

Not sure if this is also the case in your situation, but when I try on a fairly new machine or account I see the same windows as in your screenshot, but when resizing the Add Tiers window, making it larger vertically, it appears that the tiers are actually there. In other words, the window is not behaving correctly (the first time), we’ll have to fix that.
Please let me know if this is not the solution in your case.