tier not showing

I’m a new user so please bear with me if this seems like a silly question. I have 3 independent tiers. All 3 show up in the Annotation spreadsheet. But for some reason when I opened my file today 1 of the tiers is not showing in the main window at all. Even its name isn’t listed. Can someone please tell me how to get it to show again. I’ve tried quitting and reopening Elan then opening the file didn’t make any difference.

For other new users, who like myself…I found in the User Guide where it tells about how to hide and unhide tiers. It’s chapter 4.3.16 Switching tiers on/off. There 1 way to unhide a tier, and from experience I can say somehow they can accidentally get hidden.

Anyway the 1 way to unhide a tier:

Right click on any tier name in the Timeline Viewer and select “Visible Tiers” in the contextual menu, then “Show / Hide more…” in the submenu. A small dialog box “visible Tiers” will appear that will list all the tiers and a checkbox is in front of each name. Those that have a check in the checkbox “Show”. Click in the checkbox to toggle on the “Show” option for that tier.

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