Tibetan keyboard input

Hi ELAN team,

I’m working with some Bhutanese colleagues who have run into some major issues with Tibetan character input. It appears to be a problem with the display within ELAN, as the characters appear properly when the file is exported to e.g. tab-delimited text.
For PC users, the input appears solely as squares. For Mac users, the characters appear, but do not combine properly.

It would be great if there was some workaround or the addition of Tibetan characters as an input method.


Also a quick addendum: all of them have run into the same problem where the program freezes when they try to type Tibetan characters for the first time in the file. I’m not sure if this is a persistent problem or not.

Hi Naomi,

Concerning the first problem: if characters appear as squares it means the used font doesn’t contain the glyphs for those characters. Changing the font for the tiers containing Tibetan characters might help?
If there is a font with those characters but the rendering is not correct, I’m afraid we cannot do much about it. For that we depend on the rendering capacities of the Java runtime ELAN is built on.

I don’t think we can provide a Tibetan input method; did users try e.g. Keyman, would that combination work?

Concerning the freezing, does that occur on both PC and Macs? I have no immediate idea what could cause that. If you are willing to share a few log files, after a crash, you can send them to me (han.sloetjes AT mpi.nl). Log files are named “elan0.log” etc. and can be found in ELAN’s data folder.