Split annotation - fixed duration

Hi everyone :slight_smile:
I’ve done annotations (with tiers being my categories, with duration counted) that now I need to split in order do “classify” actions (that will be my subcategories) within a fixed period time.
So that I can have one long annotation divided into many annotations of 30 sec each, what is the best/easier way?

For now, what I’m doing is to go into the original annotation (with the right button of the mouse) and 1st “split” and 2nd “edit duration”, writing the begin and end time, by hand :sweat_smile:
Thank you for helping :blush:


I’m not sure if this is useful, but it sounds like you could create an extra tier on which you could create “regular annotations” (Tier->Create Regular Annotations...) of 30 seconds for the whole media duration and then use Tier->Create Annotations from Overlaps... to combine this with the category tier(s) (use it to split the original annotations, so to say, without changing the original annotations, because this creates new tiers).
But maybe I completely misinterpret the situation and what you are aiming at?


Hello Han, thanks for answering! :blush:
(I couldn’t “work on this” for a while, but I’m back!) and your tip was useful!
Anyway, we just needed to “reduce” the amount of information per annotation, creating discrete (instead of continuous) explanation of what was happening in each segment.
Thank you, we will do it! You totally understood our need :wink: