Some menus inactive upon opening file

Something odd: when I open an EAF file in ELAN 5.9, the Annotation, Tier & Type menus are all ‘deactivated’ until… not sure when. All menu items are greyed out. Editing an existing annotation doesn’t help, nor adding a new one. Opening the Preferences and closing the window by ‘Apply’ makes them appear again (this was the first thing I tried after doing something to annotations.) Haven’t thoroughly tested it, let me know if I should.

Couldn’t help myself ;-): if the media cannot be found, and I cancel away the alerts, all is good. Same file with media attached: menus greyed out.

Another interesting regularity: After I addressed the issue (by opening the Prefs menu), opening the next file gives no problem. But when I close that file, and then open it again: all greyed out.

I can reproduce the problem, on macOS. But it seems that opening (and closing) any window (Search, Edit Controlled Vocabularies, the famous Help window) activates the menus again. Switching to another application and back again seems to solve the issue as well.
I updated to 10.15.6 recently and I wonder if this problem with the main menu bar in ELAN was already there in the previous version of the OS (since it is not really an easy to miss detail).

Not sure, I don’t remember. It’s one of these things that you work around for a while until it gets too annoying. I’ll check later today whether I can find a machine running 10.14; or are you specifically interested in 10.15.5?