Shifting mode with more than one speaker

I produced an elan file by merging two elan files (for speaker A and speaker B).

In segmentation mode (Shift mode): When I shift reference@B to expand it to the right (Top picture) I would have expected that the other tiers remain as they are. I would have especially expected that reference@B which is not related to reference@A is not modified.

In the middle picture on can see that reference@B and transcription-ortho@B are modified (and also transcription-ortho@A). I wondered if this might be a bug? The phenomenon is reproducible.

As one can see in the third picture
reference@A and reference@B are not related
reference@A is parent of transcription-ortho@A
reference@B is parent of transcription-ortho@B

The shift mode works on all tiers. It indeed seems strange how the begin time of overlapping annotations on other tiers “shifts along” with the end time. I’m not sure if this is intended behavior or if this is a bug, maybe I can retrace that in the code.
If you want to shift annotations on a single tier, you could try the bulldozer mode, but you might face problems with the ortho depending tiers. Otherwise, in Annotation mode, you could try the options under Annotation->Shift (e.g. Annotations on Active Tier, Right of Crosshair), although these options work differently (a shift value has to be entered)?


Thanks for the reply. If you want I can sent you the elan files I am using.

I created a file with similar structure and saw the same effect concerning the shifting start time. But you’re welcome to send me (han.sloetjes AT the merged file to have a look at. It’s always useful to have the actual file at hand.