Setting to make the x button _really_ quit?

Is there any way to make the x button really quit elan? Each time I have a transcribing session, I end up with a bunch of blank elan windows open. Why doesn’t the x just close the elan window instead of closing the open window and opening a new one? Is there a hidden setting to manage this behavior?

There’s currently no setting to change the X (close window) behaviour. The current behaviour is a trade-off based on expectations of different users; some expecting X to just close the window (and being annoyed when it quits the application), some expecting it to quit the application (being annoyed that it only closes the current window). So, we’ll see if we can add an option to the preferences window to allow customization of this. (It’s probably needless to mention that there are also separate keyboard shortcuts for closing the window and quitting the application.)

I guess this is mainly an issue on Windows; based on your description it seems that especially the combination with the fact that there is no single instance option on Windows (i.e. double-clicking an eaf in the Explorer launches a new instance of ELAN), makes the X implementation problematic. We’ll check if there is a feasible way to make this customizable too.


I’m running on linux. I hadn’t really thought it through, but each instance of an eaf opens its own set of processes, which I suppose is why each press of the x opens a new window regardless of how many other windows are open, and — indeed — the keyboard shortcuts. I’ll be "ctrl+q"ing from now on… problem solved.

Ah, apologies for the Windows assumption. I wasn’t quite sure how the Linux behaviour is and didn’t have my Linux PC at hand to check. But apparently it is the same as or similar to how it works on Windows.
Good that the keyboard shortcut is an acceptable alternative.