Segmentation goes "wild"

When I’m segmenting, every now and then the segmentation startes acting weird : either the ending of the segmentation appears automatically when I only wanted to put the start; either the segmentation automatically glue to the end of the last segmentation.

My way of solving this is currently to change the type of segmentation entry or to restart ELAN.

I hope I’m clear, sorry for the poor English.

What can I do ?
The is making working on my PhD. thesis quite hard.

Thanks a lot !


Things that happen every now and then are often difficult to solve. It sounds a bit like the choice of how the segmentation key works, as can be set in the Segmentation tab pane in the right-top corner, spontaneously changes. Do you usually have that tab pane active/visible? I don’t suppose which the selected radio button actually changes? Or maybe the problem can be linked to switching between tiers while segmenting?
Otherwise I have no idea but maybe someone else recognizes the problem and found a solution.