Search_multiple_eaf did not display parent and child value

I am using version 4.9.4.

While single eaf search displayed well the value contained in the parent and child tiers, the multiple ear search did not.

The columns of parent and child tiers in the result table of multiple search were empty.

This seems to be a post that actually belongs to the ELAN Forum.

It is difficult to advise anything on the basis of the current problem description. If I understand correctly this is about the “Search Multiple .eaf” variant? Does the query contain regular expressions (is (or should be) the Regular Expression checkbox selected)? Do you use the same settings in the single and the multiple file search variants?


Is it possible that I send screenshot images to you for clearly understanding the problems I met?

Ok, sorry, I now see what you mean. When multiple file search is mentioned my first thought is of the structured multiple file search.

I have no immediate explanation for the empty Parent and Child columns. These columns have been added at a later stage, maybe at that time the multiple file search variant has been overlooked. But maybe there is an other explanation, would have to look into this.

In general we point users to the Structured Search Multiple eaf for querying multiple files. The Multiple Layer Search tab in that window provides the most extensive support for searching across tiers (but requires more steps to get similar output as the single file search).