Search dialogue box shows no typeable fields

I’m using Elan 5.9 on a Mac and wanting to search for a word within a single Elan file. I type Command F and open the search dialogue box, but the search dialogue box no longer has any fields I can type my search term into. (I was doing searches this way yesterday in Elan 5.8, and then today started to have this issue in 5.8, so upgraded to 5.9, but the issue persists).

(Not sure how to include a screenshot here, otherwise I would include one).

Grateful for any help!

There is some issue in 5.8 and 5.9 which makes that the first query panel isn’t activated immediately, when opening the search window. If you do see the word FIND and below that “An annotation”, you first have to click that box with “An annotation” to get the actual query panel.
This will be fixed in the next release. If you don’t see those two items, please describe what you do see (or attach a screenshot via the Upload button in the ‘toolbar’ of the text editor of this forum).

Thank you Hasloe. I don’t see the word FIND - please see the screenshot. There doesn’t appear to be anywhere that I can input data to find. I look forward to the fix in the new release!

Hello Salome, if the window looks like this, you have to drag the divider between search query and search result part downwards (the horizontal bar with the little grey dot, just above the “Parent” column).

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Thanks Han. This helped initially, but it seems the divider is only dragable intermittently. I was able to make it work a couple of times, and now not at all.

Appreciate it you have any further tips.

Now trying this myself, I noticed that I can’t drag the divider so far to the top as in your screenshot.
Which makes me think there might be something wrong with the file which produces an error the moment you open the search window.
You could check that after closing the unusable search window and then opening the log via View->Log…
Near the end of the messages there might be clear error or exception messages, which you could post here. If you can’t tell whether there are such error messages you can also send the contents to me (han.sloetjes AT