Relative paths in _tsconf.xml?

Dear all,

we are generating ELAN files that make use of the time series viewer. Our problem is that we cannot use relative paths in the _tsconf.xml: Here, only absolute file URLs seem to be allowed, which makes us lose access to these configurations in the interface once the files are moved to a different machine. Is there a solution to this?

Thanks and best wishes!

Dear Peter,

Some efforts have been made to handle situations like these (moving files to different machines), but it can be that in some situation resolving file locations doesn’t work.
In theory this should work: in the .eaf the linked timeseries file can have a relative path:

        MIME_TYPE="unknown" RELATIVE_LINK_URL="./rel1/vowel_f0_db.csv"/> 

if the source-url in the _tsconf.xml file is exactly the same as the LINK_URL in the .eaf, the configuration should also be resolved (if the RELATIVE_LINK_URL resolves):

<tracksource sample-type="Discontinuous Rate"
    source-url="file:///C:/Temp/ts/vowel_f0_db.csv" time-column="0">

This seems to work in my shallow testing, but I might well overlook real life situations.
Do you generate the RELATIVE_LINK_URL in the .eaf files?


Dear Han,

Thanks, this works perfectly!
We did in fact generate the RELATIVE_LINK_URL in the .eaf files, but we did not write a sensible LINK_URL because we thought it was irrelevant when we use the RELATIVE_LINK_URL for resolution.

Best wishes,

Great that it works!