Problems with special characters


I am working in ELAN on transcriptions in indigenous languages, based on the Russian alphabet with some special characters, and I have recently noticed that these special characters cannot be displayed in ELAN, in .eaf files some of them appear as squares. I’ve tried checking in different ELAN versions, and it didn’t help. As for the language settings, I did not change anything from the standard version. If it helps, I’m using PC with Russian as the system language.

Thanks a lot!

If characters aren’t rendered correctly with the default font, you can try with another font via the More Options button of the Change Tier Attributes window.
If you found a font that works well and want to use it as the default font for all tiers, you can edit the file in the app sub folder inside the ELAN install folder (property “ELAN.Tiers.DefaultFontName”).

Thanks a lot! It’s working now