problem with the Remote DCR: LAT DCR Connector

Accessing the Remote DCR I can not get any result, i.e. an empty form.

I noticed that the URL which is shown in the form
is no more valid, but the browser redirects to this site

Where is the the connector is located/implemented?
Is it possible to change the target url?
Is there a parameter to do that?


Yes, there is new server for the Data Cattegory Registry at It is possible to switch to the new connector location by adding an argument to the ELAN launch command:


But, this connector seems currently to be out of service. I’ll have to check its status.
Fundamental changes are being carried out to the structure of the DCR and it might be that the client software that has been shipped with the latest release of ELAN won’t work anymore at all. I’ll keep you informed.

To change the launch command on the Mac add the line above to script or to the info.plist in ELAN 3.7.2/Contents.


The information I received from the Isocat people confirms my previous assumption: a new data model has been implemented that is only available through a new interface. So, unfortunately, using the DCR from within ELAN will only be possible again after changes in ELAN’s DCR module. Hopefully in the next release.
(Unless the Inist server would be resurrected…)



The datcatinfo[dot]net/rest URL within in the ISOCat DCR Connector doesn’t work anymore. The database was moved to datcatinfo[dot]termweb[dot]eu. What is the new URL exactly? Any idea how I can tell ELAN (6.3, Mac M1) the new URL?

Thank you very much!

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Hi Karsten,

Yes, we also recently discovered that the DCR connection isn’t working anymore. Not for the first time; the web service moved once before and changes in the properties of the web services broke the functionality in ELAN also at least once. I noticed that the PID’s don’t resolve anymore in a browser as they used to do.
When I tried, it was not just a matter of changing (part of) the web services URL’s. I’m not sure if the REST API is still supported or if there is some kind of replacement. I believe I sent an email to get information (but I’ll have to check if I actually did). I was/am at the point of giving up on the DCR and remove the functionality or replace it with a connection to some other vocabulary or ontology.
(Maybe also because we have no idea how many users are/were actually using this facility in ELAN.)



To follow up on this: I looked a bit more into the documentation of the TermWeb server and it appears there is indeed a REST API available, only it is quite different from the previous service instances.
Not only the base URL changed but the web service API calls are different and the service no longer returns data in a particular XML format but in JSON. Therefore, to re-activate the data category feature in ELAN again, a considerable programming effort is required. The web service calls have to be re-implemented and support for the returned JSON should be added. Maybe (part of) the user interface (the windows and panels) can be re-used, but that’s about it.
So, I’m not sure if it is worth the effort to re-activate this feature.


How do we add data categories manually if we cant use this service?


Hmm, the idea behind these data categories and their use in ELAN, is/was that the categories have so-called resolvable identifiers and that additional information can easily be reached. If this doesn’t work (well) anymore, does it still make sense to use these categories?

Anyway, there is no friendly way to add data categories manually. The integration in ELAN is based on the existence of a web service: users can access the list of available categories and select the categories they are interested in, which are then stored in a local cache file for every day use. So, I think the only way to use data categories manually at the moment, would be to create that local cache XML file manually, containing all the data categories one is interested in. This seems a cumbersome process to me. The cache file that ELAN creates (or created) is named DCSelection2.xml and stored in ELAN’s data folder. I can make a small example cache file available, if needed.

I’m wondering if creating a controlled vocabulary (and maybe using it on a dependent tier) could serve as an alternative in some situations. That might be less complicated.