Playing video and (a different) audio together

Hi everyone, can I play a video and a different audio in ELAN for the purpose of interpreting analysis? Sorry about this very basic question, guess I should be able to figure this out from the manuals but the truth is I didn’t. Thanks!

Yes, this is possible. When creating a new document it is possible to link multiple video and audio files. The list of linked files can also be modified later via Edit->Linked Files.... By default the audible sound is produced by the first media file in the list. But in the Controls tab (in the right-top corner) it is possible to select a different source for the audible sound (or even mix the sound from multiple files, though this not really advised). So in your case you could either have the audio file as the first linked file or select the Solo radio button of the audio file in the Controls tab.

You’re right that this information isn’t easy to find in the manual, we’ll try to improve that.