Playing MOV on Windows


I am a new user of Elan, and i’ve looked into the topics already posted but none managed to solve my problem.
I have videos I’m supposed to work on Elan with, but when i try to create a new file with them, i get this message of error :
As seen on some topics previously posted, i downloaded Java 8, which didnt solve the issue, I then tried to install QuickTime 7 but failed, as I also receive an error message about a missing file in the folder. I tried other forums for Quicktime to try and solve this issue but nothing works, so I kind of gave up on the idea of managing to install that Quicktime player.

I do not want to change the format of mov files as I have more than a hundred of them, and no software I could find was free (and I’d be really annyed to pay somethong like 40€ for an issue about Elan, it just doesn’t seem right…).

I am desperate to find a solution, so I’d be really grateful if any of you finds a solution.

I am using Windows 10, 64-bit, the family version 1909.

Yes, there are probably a lot of obsolete, out-of-date messages and solutions concerning the use of .mov (in ELAN) on Windows. Quick Time Player can’t/shouldn’t be used on Windows anymore and the option of an integrated QT player in ELAN isn’t there anymore. And although some people have success with and are happy with installing a DirectShow codec which supports .mov (ffdshow? I’m not sure), the best advise probably is to face the facts and convert the files (e.g. to mp4) if you want to annotate these recordings on Windows. (It seems that VLC player doesn’t support your .mov files, if the error message in your screenshot is reliable.)

There are several free tools that can convert .mov files (e.g. Handbrake, see the recommendations in this encoding guide.). I hope this helps!