Play selection feature jumping to the end of my file

Every time I try to play a selection in my file, as soon as the cursor reaches the end of the selection it then jumps to the end of the file. I have searched these forums in search of a solution and have tried some of the things suggested but am still not having any luck. The problem emerged when I was using ELAN 5.4, but before I started searching for solutions I updated it to the most recent (5.9) and found that the problem persisted.

Video files are .mov.
I have freshly updated Quicktime and Java (and did a custom install to select Quicktime for Java). I then uninstalled ELAN, reinstalled, and restarted my computer, but again the problem persists. When I pull up the player info, it says that the media framework is JDS - Java Directshow Player.

I did notice that there have been some issues with K-Lite Codec Pack for users in the past, which I did install just a few months ago. I believe ELAN worked fine on this computer once, so I wonder if there is an issue with this Codec Pack. I would love to keep the Codec pack if I can, because it fixed previous problems I’ve had with my video files, but I’ve been unable to figure out how to fix this.

Thank you in advance for any advice you can give!


I would advise to convert the .mov files, e.g. to mp4.
QuickTime for Java is deprecated, no longer supported on Windows. The current version of ELAN doesn’t have the option anymore of a QuickTime based player. It’s good if users manage to play certain file types via codec packs, but I’m afraid we can’t do much about glitches and jumps that might be caused by such codecs.

Okay, thanks! I did convert the files to .mp4 and that was enough to fix the problem!