Past projects: INTERA

The INTERA project is a two years project funded by the European Union. The project will essentially:

  • deliver an integrated searchable and browsable European domain of metadata descriptions of language resources housed by various data centers
  • deliver mechanisms that make it possible to immediatly start a relevant tool after the user has found an interesting resource by interlinking the integrated resource repository with tool repositories
  • make all elements and controlled vocabularies used compliant with current standards and integrate them in open terminology and RDF repositories
  • localize the tools and descriptions to a large variety of languages
  • produce multiligual resources for less widely spoken languages in order to improve the eContent situation for them
  • develop a model which will help resource producers in creating such multilingual resources in an easier and more profitable way
  • inform a large group of language resource users of the potential of the new mechanisms and resources, and to stimulate their use.