Past projects: EUDAT

EUDAT (European Data Infrastructure, funded by the EC) is a first consequence of the report “Riding the Wave” of the EC’s High Level Expert Group on Scientific Data in so far as it brings together 13 community driven infrastructure initiatives and 10 data centers to build a first prototype of a Collaborative Data Infrastructure (CDI). In such a CDI the community infrastructures take care of user oriented services on data, the data centers take care of common horizontal data services which are the same or at least very similar for all research disciplines and where both need to address topics such as data curation and establishment of trust between all stakeholders. EUDAT will focus on professional and robust common services such as: (1) providing an easy deposit for all involved researchers, (2) setup a distributed architecture allowing the participating centers to easily store large data volumes for preservation and access purposes (which includes a safe replication of data), (3) working on a policy-rules based replication at logical level of collections, (4) testing generic web services execution frameworks.

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