Past projects: DAM-LR

DAM-LR proposes to develop and deploy an infrastructure for the European research community that is interested in an easy management of and access to linguistic resources of all kinds such as large (multimedia) corpora, lexicons, grammar descriptions and others.

It will not only foster the local developments that take place at this moment in various linguistic data centers by deploying prototypical archive solutions but also integrate these local archives virtually such that users of linguistic resources just see one large collection, users have just one identity to access the stored material, ingest mechanisms allow users to integrate new data into this domain of linguistic resources, managers get efficient tools to manage resources in the distributed domain and managers get efficient mechanisms to deal with the access management aspects.

Therefore, the proposed DAM-LR concept will offer completely new opportunities for the producers of data, for the managers and for the users. In doing so DAM-LR will be a very important contribution to establish a Semantic Web of language resources, since only an integrated domain based on interoperable concepts such as unified access mechanisms will allow agents to smoothly find their way in a complex domain of heterogeneous data types.

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