Not all annotations copying when Parent tier is switched


I am using ELAN 6.4 and going through a process in which I use the timings of a child Included In tier A dependent on tier B to create a new parent tier C using Create Annotations from Overlaps, then change the parent of tier A to the newly created tier C using Change Parent of Tier.

While I have no problems creating the annotations on tier C, a problem occurs when I select Change Parent of Tier. Only the first annotation on tier A which falls within the original annotation on parent tier B is successfully copied to the new child tier D (dependent on tier C). All other annotations on tier A are not copied.

This has happened for me in two different files, so I suspect that it may be a bug. I run Windows 10, and I’d be happy to provide any other information that you need.


Hi Naomi,

That indeed sounds strange, based on the description one would expect an annotation on tier D for every annotation on tier C. Since Annotations from Overlaps and Change Parent of Tier are two completely separate functions, it is strange there seems to be a connection to tier B when changing the parent.

A screenshot would probably help in showing the effect, making it easier to understand the situation.
You’re welcome to send me (han.sloetjes AT one or two example files, so that I can try to reproduce the problem and see if there is indeed a bug in the Change Parent function.