Media Clipping on Mac OS (Ventura 13.1)

I am using a new MacBook Pro and I have been trying to clip media on ELAN (6.4). I downloaded the clip_scripts_10_10 folder and placed it the ELAN folder in the Preferences in the library, but whenever I want to export a media clip, nothing happens. When I use the “Save selection as eaf. option” it does save the eaf file, but not the video file. Could anyone help?
Thanks a lot!


Just to be sure, did you edit the (first line of the) clip-media.txt file to point to (probably) the qtp_clip_12_2_export.scpt AppleScript file?
If so, there might be informative messages in the ELAN log (View->View Log…) after trying to clip from within ELAN?


Hi Han,
Thank you for your quick answer! No, I did not point to the Apple Script file, should I just add this to the txt. file?

Yes, the full path should be copied/entered there. I believe there is an example comment line in clip-media.txt and otherwise there are examples in the pdf (Clip_media_macOS.pdf) (which you probably have consulted).

Ok, yes it worked! Thank you so much!

Great that it works!