.m4v files not recognized in ARBIL

I have just started trying to use Arbil to organize the metadata for a documentation project. I have tried to drag and drop files from my local corpus, the “working directories”, and have had success with audio and transcription files (.wav, .eaf, .pfsx) but I get an error message with .m4v files. A small symbol with the letter F appears next to the .m4v file with the following error message:

Unattached file
Not archivable
Type checker message: “false BADCODECWRONGEXTENSION bad encoding or variant: QuickTime video generic File name extension: m4v”
Copies in cache: 0
Copies on local file system: 0
Copies on server?

This occurs for ALL m4v files which are in bundles with .wav, .eaf, and .pfsx files. Why am I getting this error?


Hi Nicholas,

Arbil assumes that you plan to archive with TLA and this means that all files you attach will be automatically checked for archivability. As you can see from the list of archivable formats (http://www.mpi.nl/corpus/html/lamus/apa.html), we do not accept m4v files.

Unfortunately there is currently no way to switch off this typechecking globally, you can only override it on a file by file basis.

But if they are normal mp4’s you can probably just rename them to .mp4 and this will make Arbil like them.