Lexicon services

I’ve added a Signbank service to the BSL Signbank at bslsignbank.ucl.ac.uk - it works on the Windows 5.0 Beta version but on the Mac when you click Next in Edit Lexicon Services nothing happens. Watching network traffic with Wireshark nothing leaves the Mac at all. Does anyone have any ideas?

I can reproduce the problem. After closing the Lexicon Services dialog and opening the log via View->View Log… I see error messages starting with a line containing “UnsupportedClassVersionError”; the Signbank extension has been compiled with a higher Java version than the 1.6 version ELAN on Mac still relies on.
Within a few weeks we expect to release the non beta version of ELAN 5.0 and it will contain a compatible version of the Signbank extension.

Great, thank you. I’ll test again when 5.0 is out.

Did you test it?

Yes, it works in 5.0 though now we’re having problems with it working over https on the latest Mac OS. But the problem in this thread is solved.

The problem with https shouldn’t be there anymore in the 5.5-AVFX release for macOS (available since April 11).