Keyboard hotkeys not working

Hello ELAN users,

I’m having a significant issue with ELAN 6.4 on both Windows 11 21H2 and Mac OS Ventura.

None of the keyboard shortcuts are working. I can annotate the text and type in a translation. However, the commands for playing SHIFT + SPACE and all other in-app commands are not working.

Has anyone else experienced this issue or solved it?

Thanks so much,


Hello Lucas,

It would be good to see if other users face the same or similar problems with the keyboard shortcuts.

We, so far, haven’t been able to reproduce the problem on our systems, so I’m inclined to think it isn’t a general problem. But maybe it depends on specific conditions.

I’m wondering if you maybe at some point defined custom shortcuts (via Edit Shortcuts...) and if restoring the defaults (maybe temporarily) would improve the situation?


Hello Han,

I’ve discovered one of the underlying issues but so far haven’t solved it.

When I input a new shortcut, for example, “play audio.” The hotkey ctrl + space registers as “ctrl+Unknown keyCode: 0x0”

What I noticed is happening, is that the audio is playing and immediately pausing or cancelling the command.

If I hold down ctrl+space with this shortcut, audio will play as if if it rapidly stopping and starting.

I should add, I’ve made no modifications to my keyboard on my PC or Mac. I also plugged in an external keyboard and the hotkey still received the space input as “Unknown keyCode: 0x0”.

Others in my class are facing this issue and we only realized we had the same problem when we were together in class. This is not an isolated event.

Other hotkeys such as “ctrl+z” or “alt+ctrl+d” are working. The issue is related to the space bar.

For now, I’ll change the hotkey to avoid the space bar.

I’m happy to make a video and post it on YouTube for others to see if they can help solve it.

I appreciate any help,


Hello Lucas,

Thank you for the additional information. It’s good that you narrowed the problem down to one key, the space bar (or maybe to a few keys).
When trying to reproduce the problem with shortcuts involving the space bar or when changing a keyboard shortcut using the space bar as the key, I don’t see the “Unknown keyCode” message you describe. Neither on a fairly new PC (laptop) nor on a Mac. I have really no clue what could cause the problem on the PC’s and Macs of you and others in your class.
You’re welcome to post a video on YouTube, but based on your description, I think I have a good idea of what you are experiencing, so I’m not sure if a video adds much.
Maybe the contents of the log file would be of more interest (View->View Log… e.g. after using and/or changing keystrokes with the space bar), although I don’t expect it’ll contain more informative messages than the “Unknown keyCode” you mentioned. If you want, you can send log information to me (han.sloetjes AT