Is there a way to do a controlled "Search and Replace" in many eaf-files?

Hi! Is it possible to use the “Find and Replace” tool (in ELAN) in the way that it would ask me every time before replacing whether I accept the replacement in that particular utterance or not (Like you do it, e.g., in Word, for example, with “yes”/“no”)?

as far as I know there isn’t such a feature in ELAN. You could use a professional editor like Notepad++.
First open the editor normally, not as administrator, then drag and drop all eaf files into the editor and do the classic find/replace and you can replace one by one or all at the same time. This feature also includes the regex. Once the job is done, click save all open documents, and you are done. You can open the eaf files normally back in Elan.

Thank you! But Notepad++ either allows replacing one by one in the tab that is currently open or in all tabs but then automatically. There is no option to find & replace one by one across many tabs/files…

Indeed there is no similar feature in ELAN. The multiple file Find and Replace replaces all hits in the background (without opening the files, without making the hits visible). In the single file Find and Replace the table with the search results allows you to click on a result to see the context. It is then possible to replace the value of the selected hit (by pasting or typing). Not quite as convenient as the requested functionality, obviously.

Is it possibile to do regular expression replace as of today?
I tried with common syntax operators ($ or \) for group replacement and it didn’t work. Should I use another operator?
Thank you!


No, nothing has changed much in the single- and multiple-file search-and-replace functions: the Replace still does a literal replace of the matched (sub)strings. There’s (indeed) no support for back references and capturing groups etc.
This is still on the wish list, we haven’t found the time/resources to do more than occasional maintenance.


yes, but with python) or perl: