I can't open Arbil

Hi all,

I’m having difficulties opening Arbil on two different PCs. On the desktop one, I have to click several times (up to 5 times sometimes!) until it finally opens. On the laptop however, I can’t open it at all, no matter how many times I click. I’ve already try reinstalling it, but no results.

Does anybody else have this problem? Any ideas/solutions?


HI tgttm,

I am experiencing the same issues!
Have you found a remedy?



I’m only seeing your posts now. As you may know, Arbil is no longer being maintained or supported. In case you still need to use it, but you are having trouble starting it, you may find the instructions for running Arbil inside a virtual machine helpful. They can be found at < https://github.com/TheLanguageArchive/Arbil/wiki/HowToRun >.