Help window keeps popping up

For the first time in many years, I opened the help window. Whatever I do, after I close it, it automatically re-opens itself. That is, if I switch to another application, hide ELAN, whenever I get back to ELAN, the help window is open again. Rather annoying, and never happened to me before. Can’t say it immediately started after installing 5.9, but like I say, it never occurred before.

(ELAN 5.9, latest Mac system version)

Hi Onno,

I can’t reproduce it on my Windows machine, I’ll try on macOS later, when I have my Mac at hand.
Is the problem gone after quitting and relaunching ELAN? (I would expect so, at least until opening the Help window again. Anyway, more later.)

Hi Han! Can’t reproduce it on my other mac either. Seems to go away with restarting ELAN, yes.

I tried to reproduce it on my macOS 10.15.5 as well, without ‘success’, so it seems to be an isolated, mysterious problem…

I’ll keep monitoring it, will let you know if I detect a pattern.