Hearing the audio two times while selecting a segment

I want to do the segmentation on an audio file. I can see the wave forms, so no problem here. I select a segment and I play it. Then I select the silence before the segment and I can still hear the beginning of the next segment and this goes on and on through the whole file, i.e, hearing every word two times. This is really disturbing as I cannot do anything. I didn’t have this problem before using windows. I am using MacOS Catalina and the latest version of ELAN.

Hi, it’s not quite clear to me whether the main problem here is accuracy or something else. If you hear words of the segment after a silence, is this because the player doesn’t stop in time? Or do you hear the words two times even if you play a non-silence segment (like an echo or reverberation)? How many media files are linked, do you have video and audio or audio only?


Sorry if it’s not that clear. It’s only audio and one file. I have more than 20 that i need to correct one by one. I checked them all, so this is not related to one specific file, but all. The player stops, so there is no problem here. I choose one segment based on sound waves and it sounds correct, but i always hear the beginning of the next segment at the end of the first segment. I even tried selecting the silence part and playing it and the beginning of the following segment is still being heard although there are no sound waves. I used windows one year ago and i din’t have this issue. I then used mac with Mojave operating system and no problem either. Is there any solution other than downgrading the operating system? Thank you very much!

I don’t think there is any reason to downgrade because it doesn’t seem to be a general Catalina problem. At least, I cannot reproduce the problem.
Can you verify and confirm that the JAVF Media Player is in use for the file (via View->View Log…)?

mpi.eudico.client.annotator.player.JAVFELANMediaPlayer logMediaInfo
INFO: JAVF Media Player

Everything looks alright then, I have actually no idea what could be the problem.
What is, roughly, the duration of the segments and how much extra is being played? And the extra is only at the end, not at the beginning?
Do you have any problems with other audio applications? Is there specific hardware connected (earphones, speaker boxes), anything that could possibly interfere?

You are a lifesaver. I was using galaxy buds which apparently interfered with the audio. Thank you very much!

That’s great! Still amazing that those things can have such an effect…