File created in Windows does not match annotation times in Mac

We annotate in Windows an EAF from an audio in MP3 but when we open it in Mac the annotations do not match the audio. When we do the same with audio files in other formats (WMA and WAV) we have no problem. How can we solve the problem of annotated files with mp3 audios?
Thanks a lot!

Hello Florencia,

I don’t think there is a way to solve this problem in ELAN. When playing the interval of an annotation, ELAN tells the (platform dependent) media player to play the media from t1 to t2. If different players interpret or decode the segment differently, there is nothing that can be done about that in ELAN itself.

I guess it would be best to convert the mp3 files to WAV. (I know several experts who advise to convert mp3 anyway, e.g. from an archiving point of view.)