Exporting Annotations into my original csv file


I have imported time series data in CSV format as a linked file along with a video media file.

Is it possible to export the annotations as a column on the original time series data (rather than ranges of time on the video)? Or is this typically done separately?



Unfortunately there is no such fancy export option that would allow to export annotations as an additional column on an imported or linked time series CSV file. So indeed, annotations are typically exported (when exported to CSV or tab separated) as ranges of time.

There might be one or two “workaround” procedures that you could try to get your annotations in such a shape that they can be added as additional columns to the time series data. But since they are more likely to fail than to succeed (depending on whether the time series data have a fixed sample rate and depending on the video frame rate and how the annotations align with video frames), I will only write them out if you have no other (better) options to achieve your goal.


Thanks for your quick reply Han,
My CSV is coming from UMI time series data from accelerometer in 100 hz and my video from a GoPro in 60 fps. I did create a R script to merge the exported CSV from Elan annotations and my original CSV, but I was just wondering if there was an easiest way to do it directly from the Elan software?

Hello Pierre,

Thanks for the clarification. So it’s clear that, since there is no easy way to do this in ELAN, you’re best off with the R script you created.