Export to ELAN from FLEx


In this case, I have worked in FLEx some entries, but I edited the audio, then I need to pass the FLEx annotations or comments to ELAN and sync them with the audio.

There are two problems. First one, is that the program doesn’t allow to import a WAV archive as media with the FLExText. The another one, is that when I tried to work with the MP3 archive (the only one that ELAN allows), ELAN ask for a “duration”, this duration is like a limitation to move each annotation.

Someone knows how can I do my work in a practical way?

I’ll be very grateful if you can help me.

P.s. I’m sorry because of my english :upside_down_face:


When importing a .flextext file, any type of media file can be linked, not only .mp3. If you click the button to add media files, the file browser has a File Format dropdown box that allows to filter for certain file types or to show All files and any file can be linked.
In any case, the linked media files can be changed later, after the import via Edit->Linked Files…

The duration that can be specified for phrase level annotations only apply to annotation that don’t have a begin and end time in the .flextext file (which is often the case for files started in FLEx). The calculated begin and end times for imported annotations then serve as a kind of starting point, the idea being that the user will align the annotations with the media in ELAN.

Thanks for your quickly response in the first case, I could import the media file via Edit, however, I’ll ilustrate what happens when I’m trying to import the WAV file in the media with the FLExText file, in case it could be a problem in ELAN: I can’t click on accept when I choose the WAV file.

About the another problem do you think that the problem could be the type of tier/line? The thing is, that when I modify the time of annotation in the mother, the daughters doesn’t move with the first one if I pass the time that ELAN asked for distribute the interlinear text in the import :weary:

Thank you so much

Thanks for the clarification. This is probably not the latest release of ELAN, I believe the problem with the inactive “OK” button has been solved there? I apologize for not thinking of this, the distinction between wav and mp3 (which must have been a coincidence) put me on the wrong track. It is possible to get that button activated in that version (add more than one file, change the order a bit and delete the one you don’t need, at some point the button will become active), but it might be best to upgrade.

The other problem is not clear to me. After import in ELAN, it is possible to sort the tier hierarchically (context menu where the tier labels are). Then you can see which annotations should move along with an ancestor annotation. Maybe you assume a relation which isn’t there? Or maybe this is another bug that we don’t know about (or forgot that it existed).