Error in Uploading Transcripts


I am new to uploading chat files to existing corpora, and am experiencing an error whenever I attempt to upload Clan chat files that we have linked to video clips. This is the error I receive:

Resource with URL ‘file:/data/corpora/Ingest/LAMS_WORKSPACE/14893/182’ is unarchivable. Judgement ‘UNARCHIVABLE’ not acceptable - minimum is ARCHIVABLE_LONGTERM.BADTEXTENCODING text/x-chat Chat UTF-8 annotation, unknown encoding text? First 1024 bytes are: STRANGE[ BasicCtrl=20 ]

If anyone can help steer me in the right direction for solving this, it’d be greatly appreciated!

It seems like your chat files are not in Unicode or at least our automatic filecheck library thinks so. I don’t know CLAN so well. Maybe there is an option that needs to be set so that the files are output in UTF8. If you know in which encoding the files are, there should be some way to automatically convert them all to UTF8, I think. Then LAMUS will like them.