Error exporting multiple .eaf files to Toolbox

Hi Han,

I run into issues exporting multiple .eaf files to Toolbox texts. I have included two test files below. They can each successfully export individually, but fail to when in a batch. The results are .tbt files with nothing but _sh and _Datehas…headers. I’m using the official 5.9 version on Mac OS.

Any advice will be appreciated!


Test files (on Dropbox)

Export settings:

ELAN’s export report for these files:

Hi Weijian,

Hmm, things are going from bad to worse…
I couldn’t access your files but I could reproduce the problem you describe with some example files I have. I don’t know what happened or when this malfunction was introduced but it must already have been in a few of the latest releases.

I tried another quick fix but I don’t know if it’ll work in all cases, but you can try if you want, with the new jar file that can be downloaded here.
Sorry for the inconvenience!

Again works perfectly! Thanks heaps as always!