Empty search window

Came across a bug that I don’t remember from before. A search domain I created and used just before (the last one before this search) is now empty, as I moved all the files on my hard drive. When I open the multiple file search dialogue, ELAN alerts me (correctly), saying some or all of the files have moved, do I want to continue? I click no, but then I’m left with an empty window. I close that window, re-launch the multiple file search, but get the same empty window, rather than the domain-selection window. Relaunching ELAN solves the problem, in the sense that I can then remove this last domain and select/create a new one. Re-selecting that empty domain gets me in the same trouble, so in that sense it’s reproducible. Haven’t tried emptying other domains, nor on other machine. (ELAN 5.9/Mac, latest Mac system)

Hi Onno, this one I can reproduce (unfortunately), so this has to be fixed.