Elan Timeseries Viewer Help?

Hello, I am using Elan 6.7 and when my colleague sent her file with the time series viewer plotted, my downloaded copy did not save anything for her time series viewer. It also tells me to located the .csv files she used and also a new file that ends in “_tsconf.xml” of the file name which I do not know what it means. Please help thank you so much!


Timeseries that are plotted in ELAN are always read from or extracted from a separate file (in this case a .csv file), the plotted data are not stored inside the .eaf file itself. Since a .csv file can contain dozens of ‘tracks’ (columns), the user has to configure which of them to plot as timeseries. These settings are stored in a separate configuration .xml file.

So, if you want to see the same tracks as your colleague, she’ll not only have to send you the .eaf file, say abc.eaf, but also the files abc.pfsx, abc_tsconfig.xml and the .csv file containing the timeseries data. If you store them all in the same folder, you should have the least message windows asking to locate a file.


Thank you so much Han!