ELAN system crash

I got a problem with ELAN. When I try to open a specific .eaf file the program says “initialising” before it crashes every time. I have the latest ELAN version and this does not happen with the other .eaf files I have, so I have no idea why it crashes all the time.
Does anyone have a clue why the program always crashes and how I can solve my problem?

Thanks and regards,

It sounds like the file could be damaged. If you run File->Validate EAF File… on that file, are there any reported errors in the overview?


Hi Han,
unfortunately no. When I do the validation on the file it says that there are 0 warnings and 0 errors recieved.

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Hmm, although the validator doesn’t detect all possible inconsistencies (yet), I’m wondering if maybe a linked media file could be the problem. What kind of media file(s) is/are linked to this .eaf file and could that be different from the other files?
If you want, you can send the eaf to me for inspection (han.sloetjes AT mpi.nl)?