ELAN logo as SVG


I am working on some iconization of a web interface where someone can download an .eaf file. I would like to iconize this with the ELAN logo. This is commonly done with font awesome and fonts like academicon. Is there an SVG logo already available for ELAN?


The ELAN logo can be downloaded from the TLA website, a zip file containing the logo in different sizes, all in PNG format. We don’t have an SVG variant available. You can create an SVG version from the PNG, or is that problematic?

I’d have to retrace the image in a drawing program. do you have a link to the page with the .zip?

Yes, the zip file is not in the download section but in the resources section.
I’ve saved the logo as SVG twice, once with shadows and highlights, once “flat” (probably what one would expect from vector graphics).
I’ll try to upload/attach them here.

Somehow the shadow and highlight version is not visible…

ELAN_svg.zip (109.9 KB)