ELAN - Last second of the video is not playable

So, we presently started to use ELAN for annotation video’s of our study and I just found out that my annotations are missing whole last second or so (which is half of the video in some cases).
I have tried changing media frameworks but it had no effect.

I tried to investigate a bit, and I found that the time shown under video (i.e selection period) has duration 00:00:24, while actual duration is 00:00:24.67.

This is to be an issue on linux version only.

For several media frameworks, not only on Linux, a kind of buffer is built-in at the end of the media file to prevent the player to jump to the beginning of the media file when reaching the end of the file. This jump to the start is the default behavior of several player frameworks and cannot always be “switched off”.
This “buffer” is usually set to 200ms or to the equivalent of 5 video frames. It is on the to-do list to make this buffer size customizable.
Usually it is possible to drag a selection with the mouse to the end of the file; in case segmentation is mainly based on the visual aspects of the video this can be used for determining boundaries.