ELAN freezing when selecting the segmentation mode


Ever since I downloaded the 6.6 version of ELAN, I cannot do segmentation in ELAN. If I select the Segmentation mode, my laptop will freeze. And I cannot use any other function, not even able to close ELAN. I then have to go to the task manager to kill the app. The issue persists and is very annoying.

Also, ELAN frequently crashes when transcribing or translating into a language whose orthography contains diacritics or is in a script other than the Roman script. Also, I lose quite a few translated lines even when I ensure I save my work as frequently as I can.

Please help me out with this.



It seems best, for now, for you to continue in e.g. 6.4 or any other older version you know that works (and switch on Automatic Backup, if you haven’t done so already). We are planning a bug fix release soon for the problems in Transcription Mode, especially (but not exclusively) when diacritics are involved.

I’m not aware of general problems with switching to Segmentation Mode, so it would be good if you can send elan0.log, elan1.log file etc. from the ELAN data folder to us (han.sloetjes AT mpi.nl), so that we can try to reproduce that.


Where do I find older version of ELAN that I can try if the newest for some reason doesn’t work?