Elan freezes in transcription mode when I use custom keyboard

Elan freezes in transcription mode, especially when I use my custom keyboard (created with MSKLC). Especially when I enter tone numbers. This happens regardless of whether there is or not an associated video file. Both my desktop computer and my laptop are Dell intel core i7 and the problem obtains in both. However, it is significantly more frequent on my laptop. Please advise, as I need to streamline transcription endeavours.

Hello David,

Would it be possible to share the logs once the freeze happens, elan0.log (elan1.log etc. all of them) Located in ELAN’s data folder. If the data cannot be shared here you can send them to ( Divya.Kanekal AT mpi.nl ) ?

If there are any error logs present there it will help us find the root cause.

Also could you please let us know in which version of ELAN are you facing this issue?
If you are using the latest version of Elan ( ie 6.6 ), did entering tone numbers work smoothly in previous versions ?

Kind Regards