For anyone interested in using ELAN and FLEx together, we have written up a possible workflow and developed that into a teaching set including example files. They work on our systems but we are still testing the materials and would like to share them with interested ELANers and FLExers to debug if needed. Please contact us for the whole teaching set (15 MB zip) or just the document describing the process (2MB pdf with plenty of screenshots).

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Thanks, that’s most useful.
Once the import and export functions have been stabilised and the documentation tested etc. we’ll be happy to add a link to your teaching set(s) on ELAN’s “third party resources” page.


Sophie, I may be interested in your documentation: the files I’m working on were transcribed with ELAN and the lexicon is being entered in FLEx. I’m looking at importing the lexicon data into ELAN to avoid double entry.

Hi Sophie,

Any chance you could put the whole teaching set on Zenodo?