Elan 6.5-M1 issues with Signal Viewer

Hi all,

I’m experiencing an issue viewing audio signals on Elan 6.5-M1 specifically; even though I have the option “Signal Viewer” selected, there are no bars displaying audio signals for my videos. However, on the Elan 6.5 (for Intel chip), the Signal Viewer pops up just fine. Has anyone else had the same issue?


In case you only have a video linked (without separate .wav file), this might be the result of a change in default settings in ELAN 6.6? Please refer to the release notes, under the section “changes in some default settings”.
Please follow up here if this does not explain the issue in your case.


Hi Han,

Thanks for following up. Unfortunately toggling the default settings in Elan 6.5 - M1 does not resolve the issue. I’m wondering why when I upload a video to 6.5 Intel, there is no issue extracting the audio file, but for 6.5 - M1, the audio is not extracted even if I click “extract audio from video” in the Preferences panel. Please advise, thanks so much!

Incidentally, one of our main goals is to use the signal viewer not necessarily just for viewing the video’s audio signal, but a separate, imported signal of the same number of frames (e.g. imported from a .csv file).

I’m sorry, I only now realise that I misread the ELAN version number in your post.
In case you had/have Use FFmpeg selected, it might be that some libraries are not found on the system (I’ve seen one example of that). In that case, after opening a file without a Signal Viewer, there might be error messages in the log (View->View Log…) about missing libraries. In that case Use AV Foundation can be tried (requires re-opening of the file). This option is known to have led to freezing sometimes, but this problem might have been solved in recent versions of the macOS.

In any case, it is best to extract a .wav file from the video and add it to the linked files.

I’m not sure if I understand the remark about the main goal of a separate imported signal. This sounds like it could related to the TimeSeries Viewer rather than the Signal Viewer?

Hi Han,

I’ve tested the TimeSeries Viewer as you suggested for our goal of displaying a separate, imported signal. We were able to successfully import a time series .csv file (following the manual’s protocol) and display the data as a signal on the Viewer. Thanks for your help!

Ok, thanks, that’s good to know!